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Inside Out

Some things are hard to put into words.  But so often I see people abandon themselves because they're looking for love or assurance or recognition or fulfillment from some outside source.  And it's not all terrible either, there's enough love to go around for everybody.  But the way we live today, so "connected" yet disconnected, can be a recipe for loneliness.  People jump at the first opportunity to connect, and compromise themselves because they're so thirsty for that connection.  But we all know that the truest, most fulfilling and long-lasting connections come from a bond that is built from truth and self-love from the very beginning.  Too many of us are seeking and using others as resistance to our own inner battles.  Nobody can fight the fight for us, and it is our responsibility to be strong, compassionate, and honest to build the strongest bonds and communities that will ultimately lead to a better place for us all.  Start from within and tend to the garden you can touch.  Others will be happy to eat the fruit you have to offer.