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Michael Lynn is a Florida native who made it out to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his dream of being a musical artist.  Growing up, Michael always knew that he was put on this earth to do something out of the ordinary.  Thankfully his sister introduced him to the piano when he was only 14.  After that, the music ball got rolling.  Michael took piano lessons for 2 years and was writing his own music by the age of 15.  After discovering the power of collaboration, he decided to pick up the bass guitar to diversify his sound and create more opportunities to jam with his close friends.  His first band was Value Faded, and was just the beginning of an exciting, musical roller coaster.

After high school Michael decided to take the conventional route and get a college degree in Economics.  Here, in Gainesville, FL, Michael experienced an amazing musical evolution by collaborating with various musicians and forming a band, Heart Prevails, with his new-found brothers.  Upon graduating, he made the tough decision to leave the band and hit the dusty road to California. Now Michael spends most of his time working in the studio, collaborating, and doing live performances.

"I just want to create a space for people to feel and experience the beauty of artistic expression."