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Embrace the discomfort, embrace the cold, connect with your roots.  How can we expect to thrive when our attention span has officially dropped below that of a goldfish.  How can we come up with creative solutions to our problems when we can’t focus long enough to read a paragraph?  There are simple solutions to the disease of our people.  Stay away from the doctor as much as possible and give nature a chance.  Our bodies can do miraculous things if you give it what it needs.  How about some deep breaths?  How about a walk in the cold air?  Take off your shoes and dig your heels into the fresh dirt.  Dirt has such a bad reputation.  Your water cup is fucking dirty, but the dirt is your friend.  You are dirt, so stop walking around thinking you’ve got it all figured out while you’re constantly detached from the “discomfort” of mother nature.  Move your body to the groove of life, breathe deep into your stomach and give your beautiful vehicle what it really needs.  Yeah, we’re all stressed with our jobs, relationships, things to do, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, deadlines, family problems, death, politics, etc.  But turning to prescriptions, complaining, drinking, smoking, consuming sugar, soda, coffee, gossip, and negativity are only going to add to the problem.  You can reverse the effects of stress right now with just some deep breaths.  Start there and before you know it you’ll be a superhero inspiring people all around you to do the same.  When you take care of yourself you can take care of others, and what else is life about?  We got this!  Just some good decision making from a clear and healthy mind, free from inflammation and disease.  You are healthy and beautiful; don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.