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Feeding the Homeless?

It is clear to me that happiness doesn’t come from possessions.   There is something so rewarding about giving.  What better feeling than working so hard with love and passion and then giving some of your earnings away?  Most of us don’t know what that feels like because we tend to be afraid to give away what is “ours”.  But something so much more valuable is gained from giving and I’m so grateful that my heart frequently inspires me to do so. 

There is a man who lives on the street a few blocks away from my apartment.  They call him Sarge because, like many other homeless men and women, he is a war veteran.  He is in his 70’s and he’s in great shape.  There is a park right near his spot on the sidewalk and he takes it upon himself to rake all the leaves in the park, pack them into trash bags, and throw em out on a regular basis.  I was lucky enough to develop a relationship with him from bringing him food once in a while when we had leftovers at work.  Him and his other homeless buddies were always so happy when I showed up with the goods.  Whenever I’m biking to the beach I’ll stop by and say hi to Sarge.  He always gives me words of encouragement and lets me know that he loves me.

Sarge waking up from an afternoon nap to say hi

Sarge waking up from an afternoon nap to say hi

I could continue to write about different people I've met on the streets here in LA but I’m really just writing right now to express my extreme gratitude for life and the opportunity to connect, inspire, love and share.  Life here is so temporary and I am committed to digging deep and sharing what I know to be beautiful and true.   Take time to nurture yourself and let that abundance overflow on to those around you.  Thank you to everybody who reads this and for everyone in my life that continues to inspire me to be a better person.