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A Lost Soldier

Feeling like a lost soldier.  I know I was fighting for something at some point, but I seem to have forgotten the cause.  Where did all of my brothers go?  The remnants of an unfinished fight scattered throughout the field.  Memories, love, loss, dreams, friends, all unrecognizable.  The last breath of the wind blows them away and the fight starts over.  What will I leave behind this time?  How long will it take until I get lost and find myself alone again in the dusty aftermath of passion?

The journey begins and ends all in a moment.  Nothing left to give and nothing left behind.  The blink of an eye and the sea will rise.  There’s no passion in the past and the future is a fantasy.  Camaraderie is a blessing and community is a work of art, individuals doing their best to open the eyes and hearts of others.  Everything is so simple but blocked by the complexity of our thoughts.  Let the music tickle your arm hairs and work its way into your core.  You are the music hiding from the world.  Everybody wants to sing and everybody wants to dance.  Don’t be afraid.  Nurture what is true and love what isn’t because it shows you what is.  No mountain is too high for a strong heart.  Loving and embracing are underrated.  Let’s get together and acknowledge our true selves.  How does it feel to be alone?  Even the loneliness will sing you a song if you listen.  What do you want to hear?  Create the song of your dreams and dream the life of your heart.  One time in the light and the rest in the dark.  Nobody to lie to.  The forgotten faces are no longer forgotten, but actually gone.   The window to your world is shut.  Leaving the space for some time until you are realized in another.  Aware of anything that guides us back to the light, and the journey never ends.